About Us

 “The first step to creating great content is finding a great story.”



Our goal is simple: always tell the best story possible.  Whether that’s a thirty second commercial broadcast to hundreds of thousands of viewers, a YouTube video designed to “go viral,” or a feature film for a mass audience, we’re committed to developing compelling content that both motivates and entertains its viewers.

To do that, we need the right team and the right tools. Our full HD and 4k production packages and postproduction facilities provide every resource you need for your video, and our team members have worked with clients such as GE, YUM! Brands, McDonald’s, Coca-Cola and Brown Forman.

We love pretty pictures (check out our demo reel for a few of our prettiest), and we know the value of cool graphics. But in the end, the true mark of great content is a great story. That’s why our focus is always on your message – your story – and how we can tell that story in the most effective and dynamic way possible.

Thanks for visiting, and please email us if you’d like to learn what ThoughtFly Studios can do for you.

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